About Us
Hello and thanks for taking time to see who we are.  I'm Nathan Jensen and I
live in a small farming community in South-East Idaho with my labs and enjoy
the open spaces and abundance of water.  I have been training and hunting
dogs for most of my life. I began with the family dog as a child, but did not
discover my love and talent for training until I was out on my own with my own
dog.  It has been something that enriches my life and teaches me something
new every day.  I train and compete in AKC Hunt Tests and hunt dove, grouse,
and waterfowl at least 4 days per week between September and January.  I
love to train and compete in the spring and summer and do what the dogs
were bred to do during the hunting season.
In 2003 I got  involved in training and I began to study the training
materials published by Mike Lardy and Danny Farmer and discuss
training techniques with pro-trainers.  I have taken on as many as 6
dogs, but currently own 4, which is a comfortable amount for me.  I am
thankful for the opportunity to be involved with such a great breed of
dog that is so versatile yet loving and eager to please.  I am committed
to finding great lines, doing my part in training, and finding good
matches for my dogs to make good matches in order to enhance the
breed and bless the homes of the masters of the pups.  I produce a
couple of planned, extremely well thought out litters per year.  

I am a mental health counselor working with children and families in Idaho
Falls.It is interesting and intriguing to apply theories of counseling and human
development to dogs and applying techniques to get different reactions.  
Contact Info
Nathan Jensen
Rigby, ID 83442