Contact Info
Nathan Jensen
Rigby Idaho
OFA hips: excellent
Eyes: Clear
OFA HIPS= good
OFA Elbows= normal
EYE Cerf=   normal
CNM=   carrier
EIC= clear
Repeat Breeding
ars X Bridget
Whelped 8/27/15
1 Black male, 2 black females
5 choc males, 3 choc females

About the sire: Lars is a large 85 lb, muscular, blocky, tall, athletic retrieving machine. He lives to retrieve and hunt
and is darn good at it. He stays on birds and has a great nose. Lars is an indoor dog with my family, as well, and is
very gentle around my kids and family.

About the dam: B
ridget is a very pretty, well built, loving and emotionally intuitive female. She is also an indoor dog
and loves to be around my kids and get any attention she can get. She is a perfect mom; the best I've seen. She does
not hunt much, but loves to retrieve and loves water.

What I expect from this litter: I like to own and breed dogs that are how I think a dog should be. I want a good
looking pup, with health clearances, who is good around my family and other dogs, and is excellent in the hunting
These pups will be very well built, gentle, driven, intelligent, trainable. I fully expect these dogs to be all of
these things; a very well balanced dog that will give you a huge bang for your buck.