Our Training Theory

We specialize in training for hunt tests and for hunting situations so this is what defines our training style.  We use
techniques that have been proven successful and used by famous field trial trainers who have produced many field
champions and several national field champions.  
Puppy (6-9 weeks)-- We begin "training" early to bring out the natural
instincts and desires of each puppy so we have a base upon which to build.
 We begin throwing gloves, puppy bumpers, bird wings, etc in the yard to
bring out the retrieving instinct.    We introduce the puppies to live pigeons
and duck and pheasant wings.  We also introduce gunfire during outdoor
play session by using a .22 caliper blank pistol.  They are introduced to
water during this stage, but not forced to swim.  We let them take it at their
own pace.  At this stage, we make sure the puppies are having fun
retrieving so they keep a good attitude for future training. The puppies are
retrieving enthusiastically on land and in shallow water at the end of this
Basic Retriever (3-6 months)-- This stage is a
continuation of what we started with the puppy.  During this
stage we begin to teach some formal obedience in the
yard.  We teach whistle commands, two-sided heeling,  and
other basic obedience commands.  We throw lots of marks
of varying complexity in open settings as well as short cover
during this time to build marking skills.  Since every dog is
different, the complexity of training varies according to the
capability of the dog.
Intermediate Training (6 months - 1 year) -- At six and
a half to seven months I force fetch the dogs.  We start with
hold and make sure that is firm and then move through the
rest of the progression.  After the force fetch is finished, we
move into collar conditioning which prepares the dogs for
the rest of the advanced training.  We stretch out the single
marks to over 200 yards and demand the dog to return to
the heel position with the bumper in its mouth and hold until
told to release.  We build off of the previously started yard
work to casting drills, handling drills, single and double T
drills, advanced baseball drills.  We begin double marks on
land and in water with a long and a short mark.  The same
line etiquette regarding steadiness and obedience is
Advanced Training (1 year plus)  At this point in
training, the dog is introduced to more complex double
and triple retrieves both on land and in water.  The
dogs are introduced to various obstacles and
distractions like river current, poison birds, and multiple
dogs.  It is in advanced training where we firm up the
principles of pattern blinds and cold blinds that were
introduced in Intermediate Training.  Line etiquette and
honoring are demanded at this level.
Contact Info
Nathan Jensen
Rigby, ID
Training Options:
Puppy thru Basic retriever: One hour training sessions: $40

Force Fetch Training: $425.  (dog stays at my kennel for 1 month)

Intermediate and Advanced: Either weekly sessions $40/hr or $425/month+birds.